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Are you ready to walk towards your soul path?

I am so happy you are here!. My mission is to help you live in harmony and regain balance in your life. I can understand you, help you overcome painful emotions you might have and help you let go of old patterns that no longer serve your true higher purpose.

Book an Energy Healing Session on next link so we can work together on how to connect your mind, body & soul:

Online Healing Services

Online Emotional Relief

Do you need help transitioning towards emotional relief? 

If this is you, I would love to guide you with compassion and flow towards emotional relief.

In person Healing Services

Energy Healing

During an Energy healing session, I tap into the energy of each brain centers or chakra to assess how things are flowing.

We discuss any areas that may need work and healing. Energy is channelled to those brain centers to help restore, flow and promote balance.

Emotional Relief

Do you need help transitioning towards emotional healing? 

If this is you, I would love to guide you with compassion and flow towards emotional relief. 2 hour session.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

What Is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

Developed by Dolores Cannon during the late 1960s, QHHT began as an experimental attempt to use hypnosis to transform one’s own body and the world within which it is situated. Through hypnosis, the QHHT practitioner will open the client to their subconscious. The subconscious discovered through QHHT offers up visions of the client’s past lives. Indeed, these past lives make up the very notion of the subconscious itself.

This process is referred to as Past Life Regression. The QHHT practitioner will lead the client through one or multiple past lives during the course of one session and allow them to experience various periods of these lives, often including the death scene itself.

QHHT is a method that establishes direct communication with the subconscious. Results include an infinitely expansive knowledge of oneself as well as providing the basis of a complex and multifaceted healing technique.

My goal is to help people improve their lives and their health. Everyone has the potential within them to be happy, healthy, and successful. By opening individuals up to the subconscious, I help them move toward the infinite possibilities that reside in themselves.

Through the pioneering work of Dolores Cannon, I have established myself as a leading QHHT practitioner in my own right. My clients are nurses, therapists,teachers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and CEOs.

The time is right. I am currently accepting new clients and would love to open you up to the infinite power that resides within you.

Who is Fetie?

I am a mediator, a generator of balance, light, equilibrium and harmony.

• I bring healing and clearing.

• I help release old and toxic patterns.

• I connect with mother and father God.

• I connect with the Soul and Soul’s aspects.

• I raise vibrations.

I am here to GUIDE | HELP | TALK and bring harmony and balance. 

A year ago, I experienced spiritual awakening and it has been a phenomenal journey ever since.

As my spiritual gifts started to show, I quickly discovered that I have a team of spiritual guides, a higher self and all of my ancestors, who protect me and show me the beautiful and unique 
human being I AM.

I started seeing the world from a new perspective and decided that I will bring light and closure to other people’s struggles and challenges. I became eager to help those who feel lost, stressed, overwhelmed and with hearts full of anxiety. I am here to serve other people and help them heal their wounds, traumas and emotional blocks.

EMOTIONAL HEALING was born as a result of messages I received from my Guides and based on the daily struggles that I get to see so many people suffering from daily. 


So tell me; have you been told that the only way to build the life of your dreams is to work hard, suffer, live in stress and push through with whatever life has for you? 


Once you release the old and toxic emotions that are holding you back, you will tap into pure consciousness and your life will feel like magic.

Everything feels easy… Body, Relationships, Health. All of it. 

There’s no worries, no concerns, just a deep sense of certainty, confidence and connection that flows through you in every single moment.


You will feel unstoppable. You will immediately know all the answers that your soul have been searching all this years. You will immediately know the next aligned action you must take.

You will finally learn to listen to your soul.

When You Access Emotional Relief You’re Going To:

  • Learn how to listen to your soul and start living in alignment!

  • Learn about mind, body, spirit connection and why is it so important to balance those three.

  • Let go of old limited beliefs and blocks that are stoping you from living in alignement with your soul.

  • Discover your unique triggers that are holding you back.

  • Become aware of the purpose of each moment of your life so you always feel totally fulfilled and know your aligned actions are moving you towards your goals.

  • How to use your feelings and emotions to your advantage. 

  • Connect with the nature and learn how to heal by it.

  • Accept who you are and fully step into your power.

And so much more!


Janet M.

Fetie is a very intuitive healer, and I want to thank her for her courage, integrity and sharing spirit!

With her extremely open heart and kindness she gained my trust and appreciation. In our Energy Healing Session she was really supportive of me, she helped me channel my inner energy in order to balance my chakras and became aware of what my emotions are telling me through the pain that I felt in my body. I really wanted to become someone more happy and confident while enjoying my present, and Fetie has helped me remember that I am capable of everything!

I would suggest that anyone who has the courage to explore their inner self to make radical changes in his or her life contact Fetie for a Energy Healing Session.


I am so grateful of having Fetie as my Energy Healing Coach. She helped me accept myself for who I am and was very supportive of me each day as we learned something new from the Self Energy Healing course.


I didn’t think I was going to make it another year alive, I felt very depressed and lonely. My sons are already married and my husband, even though he is very loving with me, I felt that I didn’t deserve love anymore. I wasn’t feeling the zest for life…


Thanks to Fetie I have healed myself in such a way I never thought it was possible, now I have set new goals for me and my family. I am ready to be happy again!


Fetie was a tremendous help in providing emotional healing coaching. I really felt she understood me and she made some great suggestions to help me to overcome some painful emotions I have had. She is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her.


Tia has an amazing gift and I’m so happy to see her grow into it and share it with the world. I booked an emotional healing session to deal with my severe back pain for several years. Even over zoom, she works her magic.

All my chakras were blocked (which I had a feeling they were) and we focused on where and why the pain is happening. Energy is everything whether negative or positive. She even channeled one of my cats energy during the session and let me know how calm he was.

The first few days after my session, my back pain was nowhere near what it was. I was able to take steps with barely any pain, bend in ways that I haven’t been able to.. even do certain exercise moves that I previously couldn’t do!

I still have pain and I’m working on manifesting it away, but it is a process.
I’m hoping to do work on some past life regression next!


Let me know how I can help you!

Please write your name and email to get in touch with me so I can learn how to help you better.

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